Ongoing Programs


Mission: To provide nutritional and balanced food boxes to our clients in a kind, caring and loving environment.

Program Elements:

  • Provide a nutritional balanced food basket on a weekly basis.
  • Furnish Holiday food boxes at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Identify and secure the needed funds and supplies for the program.
  • Work with the Boy Scouts and Postal Workers during their annual food drives.
  • Publicize projects in area newspapers to assist in it’s success.
  • Conduct fund drives to supplement monies for the project when indicated.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the program and identify needed changes on an annual basis.

Food Rescue, Private, Churches and Community Food Donations

Mission: To provide additional fresh and stable food items to our clients.

Program Elements:

  • Collect dairy, produce, bread, deserts and meat items from local grocery store before the usefulness has been reached.
  • Collect this food three times each week and as needed for community donations.
  • Store food to maintain sanitary conditions and maintain usefulness.
  • Have volunteer available each week for Idaho Foodbank Truck delivery of food.
  • Weigh all food received and record and report to Idaho Foodbank weekly and monthly to Director.

Federal Commodities Program
The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

Mission: To support the Federal Commodities Program with Idaho Foodbank with the distribution of food items to residents below 133% of federal poverty level every other month.

Program Elements:

  • Provide an area to sort and distribute the food items.
  • Volunteer staff to administer the program, sort and distribute the food.
  • Food is delivered by Idaho Foodbank (Eastern Branch).
  • Collect and report number of clients served, # of food used and # of volunteer hours to Idaho Foodbank and our Foodbank.

Back Pack Program

Mission: To assist the Idaho Foodbank with the storage and distribution of food to children in need in the Shelley and Firth school districts.

Program Elements:

  • Volunteer staff to administer the program, store and distribute the food.
  • The Idaho Foodbank delivers back pack food each month.
  • Area schools identify the children in need of food for weekends and supplies the Foodbank with these numbers.
  • Our Foodbank organizes and distributes the back packs to each school on an ongoing basis, maintains and reports children served to the Idaho Foodbank monthly.

Nutritional Education Program

Mission: To assist families to eat healthy on a limited budget.

Program Elements:

  • A written and web ( based healthy eating plan to the residents of our community and general area.
  • The goal is to enhance the following: overall health, energy level, ability to focus, body’s ability to fight infection and physical appearance.
  • Program provides meal planning, shopping guides, recipes, information for diabetics and Carb counting information.
  • Includes helpful hints and other available resources.
  • The program will be evaluated annually for needed revisions and improvements.

English as a Second Language Program

Mission: To increase the student’s ability to understand and communicate effectively within the English speaking community.

Program Elements:

  • Provide instructor for classes.
  • Work with ISU for core curriculum.
  • Provide classroom area.
  • To increase job opportunities.
  • To prepare for further educational opportunities.
  • Classes are two times weekly during school term.

Salvation Army Outreach Bell Ringers


As a Salvation Army Representative we provide emergency help on an individual basis to those in need. This program is funded by donations made through the volunteer bell ringers each holiday season.

Example: prescriptions, gas, etc. For more information call 208-709-7926.

Angel Tree Project

Mission: The Angel Project provides Christmas gifts to children, who would otherwise not have Christmas. It is open to any resident of northern Bingham County meeting the federal poverty guidelines of below 185%.

Program Elements:

  • Collect names and wants of the children needing help.
  • Place angel trees in area businesses in the community for residents to assist in this project.
  • Volunteer staff to administer the program, organize and distribute the gifts and assist with monetary donations to ensure the continuation of the project.
  • Work with area churches and other community groups.
  • Will prepare report on the expenses, success and continued need for the program.

Senior Christmas Gift Project

Mission: to provide a Christmas gift to senior citizens in the Shelley-Firth School District area below the federal poverty guidelines of 185%.

Program Elements:

  • Volunteer staff to administer the program, organize and distribute the gifts.
  • Collect names of individuals and families meeting the federal poverty levels below 185%.
  • Work with the community, individuals and the Kathy Krekel memorial fund to supplement the project with care and good stewardship.
  • Will prepare report on the expenses, success and continued need for the program.